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Photography has been my passion for many years.

I have been taking photographs since I was a teenager. The idea of becoming a newborn and child photographer came about 5 years ago when I had my first Child Daniel.

All I wanted to do was to capture his lovely feature, curly hair and his big green eyes. If you know me you know that I never gone out anywhere without my big heavy camera.

While I was expecting my 2nd child Olivia 3 years ago I did a lot of research about how to take her newborn photographs myself instead of hiring a professional photographer. I had a great professional camera, an excellent knowledge about photography and a good eye so why not try myself.

However, it didn’t take me too long to understand I made a big mistake. When she arrived I set up a little studio and I took hundreds of photographs of her but none of them looked the way I wanted them to look.

Then I noticed that Newborn Photography is not about knowing how to take good photographs. You need to know how to create a suitable, warm and relaxing environment for babies so that they can feel safe and secure.

You need to know how to pose them safely as they are still so fragile. Safety is the biggest aspect on Newborn Photography. Then you need to know how to create good lighting to capture their lovely skin tones naturally. Shooting from right angles and lastly editing new born baby photographs is such a big issue because most of them have jaundice, some of them are purple, and others have flaky skin etc so achieving a gorgeous baby image needs a lot of different knowledge and skill sets.

Then I decided to get training in order to become a professional baby photographer and I have been investing a lot of time and money to learn how to pose newborn babies safely, how to sooth babies, how to understand their needs, how to use gentle lighting, and how to edit the photographs.

I have also became a member Banpas as I want to carry on improving myself.

I have a very lovely homely decorated photography studio where you can feel relaxed. It is located in Hoylake, Wirral and is close to many transport links.

Wirral Photographer Derya Vicars
Derya Vicars Photography - Wirral

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