Hypnobirthing : Does It Really Work? 


Is Hypnobirthing a trend which was started by Hippies or does it actually work? There are so many mums saying positive things about hypnobirthing. I tried it myself a little bit while I was expecting our 2nd baby. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the hypnobirthing classes but my lovely friend Emma gave me some CD’s which helped me to relax a lot. Funnily the day I fully listened to the CD I went into labour within 3 hours. It might have been just a coincidence but who knows but I was over due so I was over the moon when our little girl finally decided to meet us 🙂

We have recently had Terri Irvin in the studio for her commercial head shot photography session and we interviewed her about their Hypnobirthing courses.

Before sharing the interview with you here is a little summary of who Terri Irvin is and what TIME offers.

Terri Irvin is the founder of TIME (Terri Irving Managing Expectations) where they support parents through this beautiful transition of pregnancy and give techniques on how to embrace this wonderful change. By surrendering from fear and changing mindsets mums can nourish their mind, body and soul. TIME offers bespoke emotional and physical support as you embark on this maternal journey.

As well as providing pregnancy massage and breast feeing support  TIME also provides KG Hypnobirthing Parents’ Course as an in-depth, complete antenatal course that will help you give birth in a more calm & comfortable way.

You can either join her group classes where you can meet other parents and share your experiences with each other or you can have a one-to-one session with her in person. You can even have an online course if you can’t make the classes for some reasons.

What made you start your business?

I am a therapist by trade and have been part of the health and wellness industry for over two decades and travelled internationally as a trainer for luxury treatment and retail brands, training 5 star spas. I had enjoyed business management and national training roles but for me that industry was not enough. Having hypnobirthed myself and becoming a breastfeeding peer supported with Homestart a few years ago I decided to take the plunge and take wellness straight to the core and start TIME (Terri Irvin Managing Expectations).

I am Irish and defiantly have the gift of the gab but I love talking all things birth related and most of all giving my clients the best attention. I am fun, relaxed and most importantly  knowledgeable. I want the best for every client or mum I  meet and I will always sign post then to the most relevant information to help them on their pregnancy journey.

What is Hypnobirthing? 

I love to answer this question, as its the one I get asked the most. People are confused by the term. To be honest I was a little confused myself when I first researched resources for my own birth. Hynpobirthing is essentially getting your mind and body to work together. The course itself it broken down into four parts for ease. One of the main focus we teach is the antenatal preparation. The best part about the course is the duration is 12 hours. This means we have time to discuss in depth how the body is working during labour, this is a lightbulb moment for my clients. Even parents who have birthed before say they have learnt more on my course than any antenatal class they previously attended. This important step helps us to be more in-tune with our bodies and respond to its needs.


How does Hypnobirthing work? 

Our mind has been so cluttered with negativity surrounding birth. We are subjected to dramatised births on TV from a young age and everyone we know can’t wait to share their gory birth story. This can lead us to fear birth. These fears hideaway in our subconscious and without the right guidance can lead us to make uninformed decisions regarding our pregnancy care and birth which have an impact on our birth outcomes. Being informed helps us to make clearer decisions and stay in control of our birth experience.

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing?

•    You may find you don’t need any pain relief at all.
•    It often shortens the length of labour.
•    You will be more alert and in control.
•    Hypnobirthing lessens the physical impact of childbirth.
•    The father is actively involved and knows that he has played an important role in the birth of his child.
•    Allows your baby to enter the world drug-free and in an atmosphere of calm and gentleness.

Using techniques such as self hypnosis helps us to reframe our mindset regarding birth and create a positive birthing environment where the body and mind work together to deliver baby. These techniques acquired in pregnancy will stay with parents through their lifetime and hopefully pass onto their children.

Hypnobirthing techniques should be practiced daily for maximum benefit so its important to use the CD material. Your course provider should give you the details that best reflect your course. It’s best to listen at night and fall asleep to so they fully embed in your subconscious. We actively encourage partners to get involved and read the hypnosis scripts as this is a beautiful bonding experience and will help create hormones essential for birth.

Can my partner attend the Hypnobirthing course? 

All partners are welcome to attend the course and I would say it’s a must. They begin to realise that they are Mums continuity of care and they learn how to help support mum in labour becoming the biggest caregiver. Feedback from partners following the course has been amazing they say it’s the first time they understand and feel part of the birth process.

Can I use the technic in hospital or is it just for home birthing?

Sessions are designed for any birth place location and I find that low risk parents often consider a home birth once the complete the course. Some parents wish to birth in hospital or a birth centre. Remember hypnobirthing is the practice you do before birth so the earlier your start the better. However, I love the phase “better late than ever”.

How many people will be on the course?

The groups are kept to a limit of 5 couples over the 2 days. Private one-to-one sessions are also available and clients can head to my website to receive a further discount. All course material is supplied. You will leave calmer, more relaxed and focused on a positive birth experience that will have life long health benefits for Mum & Baby.

When is the next session and where is it? 

The course is held over two consecutive weekends at Church Farm, Thurstaston, Wirral. The room is spacious, calm and quiet and the venue has ample convenient parking.  It is on the 6th of July and 13th of July. You can find more details via the below link. 


Where can I find more details about your services?