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Enjoy an interactive baby photo session at Derya Vicars Photography Wirral Photo Studio. Get involved in the session, make your bundle of joy laugh and giggle during the cutest stage of their life. Below you’ll see some gorgeous examples of our work; can you spot which image won a Bronze Award from The Guild of Newborn and Baby Photographers? 

Also, on this page you’ll find our handy quick question section which should answer your queries. Feel free to use the Contact Form to get in touch with us at the Studio – why not organise a visit and see our Wirral Studio before you book.

While we offer a Bump to Baby product you may have missed the opportunity to have a Maternity or a Newborn session. With our separate Sitter Session your 6 – 12 month old baby should now be able to sit unaided. At this stage of their development they are so much more interactive and we capture these special moments in our Hoylake Photo Studio.

Very simply, your baby is the most interactive. Gone are the days of long sleeps, numerous feeding sessions, cooing and smirking; your baby is now wanting to explore the World around them by rolling around on the tummies, stretching out their arms and hands, and sticking objects in their mouths.

Your baby isn’t worried about strangers, in fact they’ll be wondering who this woman is holding a camera! So while they’re looking you’ll see their curiosity and great engagement with the camera. 

They can’t run anywhere, there’s no where to hide, so we have more opportunities to interact with them in a small space while they are sitting or rolling around.

There is no cake or balloons, this is a lovely portrait session capturing their features, their looks, their body shapes; those little rolls of baby fat before they grow up. We do offer a Cake Smash Session which is ideal for your little one’s first birthday milestone.

This session is all about our little model.

Sitting unaided for an hour is like asking your child not to touch anything – it’s never going to happen.

We don’t expect them to sit still, at any rate sitting unaided is hard work; they’re using lots of muscles which they won’t be used to working out.

You, your partner, a grandparent will not be sitting down; that’s what the newborn session is for. You’ll be there to be on hand to watch out for your little one heading for a tumble flop, to make them smile and laugh, to squeak a toy, tickle them, call them over or even to get them to pull a silly face.

After your hardwork, feel free to sit and have a coffee and a chat before heading off. We’ll get to work editing pictures for your Free In-Person Gallery Viewing Session.

During these Sitter Session we do use props but they are in the form of simple toys, teddy bears and baby seats. 

If your little one has a teddy bear since birth or something of sentimental value please bring to the studio.

They may have a favourite toy they always reach out for; this is great to tease them with and get some lovely interaction and the joy in their eyes will melt your heart.

With simple props you won’t get distracted from the model’s looks, features and expressions.

Why not! We all love a good sing along, don’t we? Anything that incites a reaction or movement of your little one will help us capture special moments during the session. All we ask is that you don’t take photos on your phone; this can actually stop us from getting the image we want as phones are a distraction at any age in any session.

Derya Vicars Photography is a Registered Member of the Photography Guild of Newborn and Baby Photographers

To book your session click on the button ‘Book Now’ and contact the studio; we ask for a £35 session fee. If you purchase one of our packages you will receive a complimentary single 10×8″ mounted print from your selected digital images. 

You will be invited back to the studio one to two weeks after your session to view your final gallery of professionally edited images. At the end of the viewing session you may decide which of the packages you wish to purchase and treasure in your home. 

In the age of Digital Photography we know that USB is the choice of storing images. It’s understandable to us that you’ll want to share your photos with other people in your family. Remember when floppy discs were all the rage? We didn’t think they would be overtaken by CDs and yet DVDs came along. Well you need to ask yourself if USB sticks will still be around in 10 years time? 

The one item that has been around since photography studios opened are frames, printed images. So we feel a mix of Digital and Print Packages is the way forward. Portraits should be on your wall, or in albums which is why we’ve created the ‘Studio Collection’ which combine the best of our products. Be sure to have a good look at our products when you visit the studio. 


  • Face to face photo viewing
  • 5 high resolution, fully edited photos on a USB stick
  • Full use of props


  • Face to face photo viewing
  • 10 high resolution, fully edited photos on a USB stick
  • Full use of props


  • Face to face photo viewing
  • 20+ images in high resolution, fully edited, on a USB stick
  • High resolution HD slide show with your images
  • Full use of props
  • £100 credit towards any wall art purchase
  • Ten mounted 6″ x 9″ photo prints if a wall art purchased
  • Facebook timeline cover photo collage
  • £50 off your cake smash session
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