Mason’s Cake Smash and Splash Photo Session by Wirral Baby Photographer

Mason was only 8 months old when his Mummy enquired about my Cake Smash and Splash photo sessions based in my Hoylake studio, on the Wirral peninsular.

When she decided to book, we talked about the style and colour choices. This is important to me as I want to make sure your final products suit the room of your choice.

Mason has a Super Hero themed bedroom so they wanted to have a Cake Smash which was the same theme so the photos complimented his bedroom and it would also make the experience much more memorable for him.

I believe the framed photo prints are already up on Mason’s wall. I love to see where you’ve hung or placed your photo products. I have so many different product options for you to choose from, you’re sure to find something that matches your style.

The Cake Smash photo sessions are unique and are a way to celebrate your child’s first birthday. To be honest if you’re a child at heart you could organise one for your 18th or 50th! Why not?

The cake is such an unusual texture for babies and it is so much fun to watch them play with the cake and get messy. Most of the babies don’t know what to do with the cake at first, but Mason went straight to it and started happily eating it! At one point, it he was head first in to the cake and come back up covered in icing. It’s such a freedom for children to get messy and not be shouted at.

Mason was really concentrating on eating the cake so we were trying to get his attention so he’d look at the camera. Who wants to look at a camera when there is a rather large cupcake covered in icing just in front of you? I know I wouldn’t!

After trying lots of different attention grabbing techniques, his mummy decided to play some music on her telephone as he really loves dancing. He started swaying, clapping but then carried on eating the cake. Well, he probably thought “Nice try!”.

As we didn’t want him to eat a lot of cake, trust me some children don’t know when to stop, the bath tub was prepared. Nothing better than relaxing in the tub covered in a mass of bubbles, trying to catch them as they float around you. You tend to forget about the woman with the camera making you laugh and giggle.

We managed to get him all nice and clean, and take some more pictures of him. Talk about paparazzi; during these sessions, I can take hundreds of photos. As the sessions are child led in the most part, I must ensure I get the right image; it can literally be a split second between a nice smile and the eyes looking in the right direction to them covering half their face with their hands.

After the session if you’re lucky, you sometimes get to take cake home with you.

It doesn’t end there, for me at least. It’s time to review the images and select the best shots; looking at angles, composition, expressions, and colour balance. The narrowed down images are edited and processed ready for your free in person gallery viewing appointment. I’ll organise this with you once the editing has been completed.

You come back to the studio, sit in the lounge area, and review the images at your pace. Enjoy a drink and a biscuit or three. Once you’ve selected your pictures and products I then get to work ordering them from my professional labs and suppliers. I’ll get back in touch when they’re ready to collect.

If you’re interested in or would like more information about the Cake Smash and Splash sessions or Cake Smash sessions, please use my contact page.

You’re more than welcome to come and visit the studio to talk about your theme ideas, drop me a line so I can make sure I’m available and not in the middle of a shoot. I’ll have the kettle on for you.


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