First Aid Training Session – Written By Wirral Photographer 

As you may have read on my other blog post about First Aid is that I attended a session with Little Lambs. At a recent session Emma Adams ran, I took some behind the scenes photos to show her in action. Being a specialised Newborn Photographer it is so important for me to have First Aid training under my belt, and I would certainly recommend her sessions to everyone from expectant mums and dads, to grandparents and to your Little Lambs siblings. 

I would never wish for any parents or carer to deal an emergency first aid situation with a baby or child. However it is so important to have the necessary knowledge and skills to make a difference in someone’s life.

As a specialised newborn photographer I can’t stress enough how important safety is so I have been trained about safe newborn baby posing techniques by leading Newborn Photographers both in the UK and abroad. As well as these training courses I have also attended a Little Lambs First Aid course which is run by the lovely Emma Adams. She makes all attendees laugh and interact to make the course enjoyable but yet keeping the serious nature of the course in your mind without focusing on horrible scenarios which might never happen. Even though I’m not really looking forward to having to use any of these first aid knowledge for my children or for my little clients it still gives me peace of mind and confidence to know what to do in an emergency situation. Please click the below link to see Emma’s behind the scene photographs and get more information about her courses.

Having the knowledge and skills to be able to deal with an emergency situation can provide confidence, peace of mind and can ultimately save lives. There are so many things we worry about, so many scares and things to be aware of when looking after young children. Little Lambs First Aid runs courses to empower parents, grandparents and carers with the knowledge of first aid for babies and children. They educate people in life saving skills for little ones, enabling them to respond in the case of an accident or emergency or when their little lamb becomes ill.

Courses are affordable, accessible and available throughout Wirral. For more information and to book visit their website – Book with Derya Vicars Photography knowing you are in safe hands.

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